MenuLizard is going away soon!

We had a good run but we never figured out how to convince restaurant owners to send us their menus en masse.

We started this site in 2005. Back then, most restaurants did not have their own websites, so a central repository for menus was a very useful idea.

But now, everyone has their own website. And nobody ever sends us their menus anymore. The average menu age on MenuLizard is almost 14 years old! We will keep the site up for a little while longer, but at some point soon, we are going to pull the plug.

Thanks for using the site! It was fun making it, and we really wish it had become successful and popular. But alas, it was not meant to be!

The Apps
Killer Appetizers
The Greens
Most salads come with garlic bread and are meals. Most salads contain crisp lettuce, red onions, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives and carrots. Choice of dressings: Greek (Oil & Vinegar), Balsamic, Caesar, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard and Ranch.
Oven Baked Grinders
Oven-baked submarines on French bread filled with meats, cheeses and vegetables. Then baked until crisp and golden in our stone-bottom oven. Also available on garlic bread. Whats the difference between toasted and baked? Toasted is the bread only (the others). Baked is the entire sandwich, bread and ingredients, heated (Philly's Best).
Philly style. Medium crust not thick or thin. With a blend of mozzarella and white cheddar cheeses, personalized with your toppings.
Stuffed Pizza
Fabulous double crusted pies with the freshest ingredients and real cheeses, stuffed right inside.
An East Coast item. A pizza with the sauce and cheese, filled with toppings then folded in half and baked. It's like a giant pizza pocket.
Jumbo Wings
Plump & juicy. Tossed to order. Never premade so give us time. Available three ways: Homemade Kickass Buffalo Style, Zesty Garlic Style or Tangy BBQ
Tasty Tenders
Plump & juicy all meat chicken tenders, made just like wings, but no bones or skin. Available 3 ways: Homemade Kickass Buffalo Style, Zesty Garlic Style or Tangy BBQ
Philly Cheese Steak
Pasta Dinners
Mix the pasta of your choice with the sauce of your choice. All dinners come with garlic bread and a dinner salad.
Baked Potatoes
Sweet Stuff