Sirloin Tips
(Large Sub)
Additional costs, when electing to add to a sub (not available on fries)
Chicken Tips
All White Meat. Large Subs
Cheesesteak Sub
Fried Roast Beef Subs
BBQ Style. Fried roast beef subs are available Cajun Style upon request
9 oz Cheeseburgers
Chicken Finger / Eggplant
Deli Style Subs / Miscellaneous
Meatball, Hot Sausage or Linguica Subs
Pasta Board
All pasta topped with Romano cheese and served with bread and butter
18 oz Combo Dinners
No Combo Substitutions
Steak Fries
Potato Skins (6 Pcs)
Side Orders
Jumbo Jacket Potatoes
All spuds come with either butter or sour cream and scallions