Pu Pu Platter For 2
Egg Roll, Chicken Wings, Chicken Fingers, Fried Shrimp, Teriyaki, Crab Rangoon and Boneless Spareribs
Sweet & Sour
Deep fried in egg batter to a golden brown with chernes sauce
Chow Mein Chop Suey
Finely cut vegetables & fried noodles, sliced cut vegetables
All dish come with small steamed white rice
Curry Chicken
Slice of meat onions, green peppers, water chestnuts in a curry sauce
Szechuan Style
Green peppers, onions and cabbage in a hot and spicy sauce
Kung Bao Style
Diced cubes of meat sauteed with peanuts and selected vegetables in a spicy sauce
Tofu / Veggie
Fried Rice
Lo Mein
Soft Noodle
Egg Foo Yong
Chinese Omelet with Gravy
Moo Shi
Meat, cabbage, scramble egg and mushroom, serve with 5 pancake
Chow Foon, Chow Mai Fun
Thick Noodle, Angel Hair Noodle
Pad Thai
Thai style sweet & spicy noodle
Lunch Specials
Served from 10:30am to 3:30pm
All Day Specials
You may substitute the pork fried rice to chicken or beef fired rice for $1.10 extra. The shrimp, ham or house special fried rice for $1.60 extra
Chinatown Dishes
All served with steamed rice, except #29 served with Pan Fried Noodles