MenuLizard is going away soon!

We had a good run but we never figured out how to convince restaurant owners to send us their menus en masse.

We started this site in 2005. Back then, most restaurants did not have their own websites, so a central repository for menus was a very useful idea.

But now, everyone has their own website. And nobody ever sends us their menus anymore. The average menu age on MenuLizard is almost 14 years old! We will keep the site up for a little while longer, but at some point soon, we are going to pull the plug.

Thanks for using the site! It was fun making it, and we really wish it had become successful and popular. But alas, it was not meant to be!

Sweet and Sour
Egg Foo Yong
Chef's Specialties
with White Rice
with White Rice
with White Rice
with White Rice
with White Rice
Vegetable & Bean Curd
with White Rice
Moo Shi
Prepared with black fungus, mushroom, golden tiger lily, Bamboo shoot, cabbage & egg served with 6 pancakes and Hoi Sin Sauce.
Chow Mein
Served with crunchy crispy noodle
Chop Suey
Lo Mein
Chow Foon
Japanese U-Don Noodle
Pad Thai
A popular Thai Noodle Dish, Rice Noodles Stir Fried with Egg, Bean Sprouts, Scallions, Ground Peanuts, Sweet and Spicy Sauce
Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup
A bowl of Vietnamese Rice noodle Soup with Scallion, Onion and Cilantro, Served with a Plate of Bean Sprouts, Chili Pepper, Basil and Limes
Chinatown Style Rice Plates
Combination Plates
Served with one of the following Appetizers: Egg Roll (1), Chicken Wings (3), Boneless Spareribs, Chicken Fingers (4), Chicken Teriyaki (2), Fried Shrimp (2), Crab Rangoon (5), Beef Teriyaki (2)
Luncheaon Specials
11:30am - 3:00pm; All Served with Choice of One: Chicken Wings (2), Chicken Fingers (4), Crab Rangoon (4), Boneless Ribs or Egg Roll (1), Beef Teriyaki (2)