Appetizer Plates
Big Plate Specials
Chef's Specialties
Moo Shi
With 5 pancakes. Spicy if requested.
Vegetable and Bean Curd
Meat may be omitted by request.
Low-Cal Specials
Served with fine egg noogle. All times steamed, spices optional. No MSG, salt, corn starch, oil or sugar.
Sweet & Sour
Lo Mein or Pan Fried Noodles
Pad Thai
Sweet & Spicy Noodles
Chow Foon or Rice Noodles
Soft Wide White Noodle or Thin White Noodle
Chow Mein or Chop Suey
Egg Foo Yong
Value Combo Meals
Served All Day; with Pork Fried Rice or Boiled Rice and One Side Order: Egg Roll (1), Chicken Teriyaki (2), Fried Wontons (6), Chicken Figners (4), Fried Shrimps (2), Spare Ribs (2), Veggie Spring Roll (1), Beef Teriyaki (2), Crab Rangoon (3), Chicken Wings (3), Pork Strips (2), Boneless Spareribs (4), Wonton Soup, Hot & Sour Soup, Egg Drop Soup
Luncheon Specials
Served 7 days a week, 11:30am - 3:00pm; Served with Pork Fried Rice and one choice of side order: Egg Roll (1), Fried Shrimp (1), Crab Rangoon (3), Chicken Figners (3), Beef Teriyaki (1), Fried Wonton (4), Boneless Ribs, Chicken Wings (2), Wonton Soup, Egg Drop Soup, Hot & Sour Soup, Veggie Spring Roll (1)
Hong Kong Style Rice Plates
Entrees served over boiled rice