Appetizers From Sushi Bar
Appetizers From The Kitchen
Include soup & salad
Stone Grill
Includes soup, salad & rice. Make your own way to grill at the table, with ponzu sauce or sesame sauce, your choice of the following:
Includes soup, salad & rice. Broiled to perfection smothered in our own special teriyaki sauce, your choice of the following:
Includes soup, salad & rice. Dipped in a light bread crumb batter & deep fried to perfection. your choice of the following:
Includes soup, salad & rice. Lightly battered & deep fried fresh large shrimps or vegetables. Your choice of the following:
Noodles & Soba
Other Entrees
Side Orders
Sushi A La Carte
All sushi 2 pcs per order. Sashimi 3 pcs add $1.85 per order
Makimono Combo
Rolled Sushi
Special Makimono
Rolled sushi
Luncheon Specials
All luncheon specials include salad. Item #101 to #108 come with white rice. Not available on saturday, sunday & holidays