Kashish Salads
Hot Appetizers
Cold Appetizers
Fine Indian Breads
all breads are made fresh to order, deep fried
Tandoori Breads
Freshly baked in our Tandoor clay oven
Tava Breads
Cooked on a Tawa griddle
Kashish Specialties
Basmati Rice which is India's famous long grained, flavorful thin rice, cooked with exotic spices, herbs, cashews, almonds, raisins and served with raita
Dinner Curries: Chicken, Lamb or Shrimp
All entrees served with basmati rice and chutnies; Prices are for Chicken; Add $1 for Lamb; Add $2 for Shrimp
Shakahari Bhojan
Vegetarian Delights
Tandoori Specials
Food cooked in a clay oven (Tandoor) is very juicy, had its distinctive flavor & is very healthy & light. All Tandoori specials served with a side of Tikka Masala sauce & steamed basmata rice
South Indian Menu
A selection of traditional favorites from the South India. Available for lunch & dinner.
Side Orders
Indian Ice Cream